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Gold and Silver Investments - Jacinto Rivera

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Gold Silver and Copper Investments

The Things You Should Know

By: Jacinto Rivera

Date: December 29, 2017

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Today, many people continues to invest on precious metals. When I said “many people”, I meant, only the people that knows the differences between fiat currency, also known as “paper money”, and the risk involved while on its final life span. 

In 1933, after the United States of America became bankrupt, the gold and silver standards were removed. As a result, fiat currency “paper money” was created. Before 1933, all promissory notes were backed by gold or silver. So when a person used to gamble, shop, they will provide the other party with this promissory note, which they were able to take to the bank and cash out for Gold or Silver. Now, this is a topic our government will not touch or talk about it, because it is in their best interest, to let people believe that we are the strongest and perfect nation in the world. Our country could be hanging from a fine spiderweb tread, and the government will make you believe, and show you the illusion that nothing has happened, everything is just fine. You will have to do your own research, because certain history events are not listed on our schools history books, or even mention them.  

Since 1933, fiat currency, “paper money”, has become just a note with the promised to be paid by the United States. But the reality is that, this fiat currency is not backed by anything. It has no value howsoever to make it some how valuable. It is just a promise up in the air, waiting for your hard work and the making  of more fiat currency by the bankers, to pay for it.

If the Global economy would to collapse as it has in the past, fiat currency will become a worthless piece of paper. Well, it may worth saving a few of them for historical purposes, but other than that, it is only fire feeder, and we all know how back in the first depression, paper currency was trashed, thrown out of peoples apartments windows, and burned to keep families warm.

That’s why till today and after so many centuries, mankind has invested in Gold and Silver. Gold and Silver is the worlds standard currency even though the government try to insist and convince you otherwise. But while the government tells you that everything is fine and well with the economy, they are well protected with millions, billions,  and trillions ounces of Gold and Silver, which are hidden from the people, and controlled by the Bankers.

Remember back in the early 2008 market crash when Ron Paul asked Ben Bernanke, why do banks and countries purchased gold and silver? Ben Bernanke's answer was, "because people love to buy gold and silver". He clearly tried to avoid the question, and ended making the point. No one will purchase gold and silver if gold and silver didn't have any power or value over anything else. 

An example of the power of Gold. 

Muammar Gaddafi the deposed leader of Libya, manage to enter the gold standard in his country. Muammar Gaddafi requested that all oil purchases from Libya would have to be paid with Gold and not US dollars. The Obama administration immediately invaded Libya having Gaddafi murdered, and placing the US dollar as the standard once again. 

Many experts, like Mike Maloney from, Gerald Celente from Trends Research Institute, and 20 years former attorney at the World Bank, Karen Hudes, believe that while the USA continues to print money at the current rate, the US dollar continues to loose its value. Some  countries are also questioning the stability of the US dollar, and what the future will lay ahead for them and the global economy. It is also known, that fiat currency has a life span that is coming to its end and would required a currency reset which can only be done with Gold and Silver.

Every one who actually care about their families, and their well being in a economy pandemonium, should invest in either Gold or Silver. It is possible for middle class families to invest on silver, as its value is low in the $15 to $17 per ounce. Silver has been and continues to be, a precious metal that its value has been manipulated by bankers for many reasons. Silver is use in many technologies such as mobile phones, water filtration systems, jewelry, and even medical purposes. Around 15 to 20 years, Gold prices were  between $369.00 in 1996, and up as much as $1,664 in 2012, when the 2008 market crash was still recovering. Many people and myself believe, that the government has manage to push non truth economy information using the media systems, with the sole purposed to calm people. Many professional believe, that we still are in a economy bubble that it is about to blow anytime. 

Things you should know about gold, silver and its price.

When it comes to silver, silver plus silver equals silver. You may asked yourself, WHAT DOES THAT MEANS?. It means, that at the end the price of silver will be its market value, whether you paid $15 or $300 per ounce. 

This means that if you want to invest on silver, cheaper is better. Now, if you are a collector, and choose to paid $300 for a fancy minted bullion, at the end it will worth its market value, currently between $15 to $17 per ounce, and not what you paid for. That’s why when investing on silver, you should prioritize the reasons why you want to invest on Gold and Silver. 

According to professionals while measuring silver using Gold, Silver prices should be between $100 to $500 per ounce. But again, our corrupted systems has been able to manipulate its value by keeping its price low. 

One of this manipulation examples are ETF silver investments. JP Morgan is well know to offer investment of silver based on its current market price. However, it is also well know that JP Morgan has no possession of the full physical silver quantity, while offering their investments. So investing on ETF investments for silver could be a profitable move, but it could also be a gambling move, that can dried your savings leaving you with zero protection, for yourself and your family. 

Some investors, such as Mike Maloney from, and Gerald Celente from Trends Research Institute, believe that it will come the day on which 500 ounces of Silver, will help you purchase that $250,000 home you always wanted. Now, lets be realistic and understand that investment is for a long term. The only people to become millionaires are millionaires, because they have the capital to invest. We as middle class individuals, we are left with long term investments, which you should consider, analyze and create an strategic plan, to profit within the long term. 

I am a physical silver investor, and these came after the 2008 market crash, on which silver prices went from $14.80 to nearly $50. After Listening to Gerald Celente and Mike Maloney on their views about Gold and Silver, I was move to take investment seriously. If you don’t think, this is reason enough to invest on precious metal, them there is no hope for you or anyone who choose to do nothing about it to protect themselves and their family.

How do I invest? 

Well, just remember, that fiat currency, “paper money”, has nothing of value backing it, and the treasury department continues to print them like candy paper. Being a middle class individual and relaying on my monthly salary to pay for my everyday needs and bills, when I find myself holding between $200, or $500, I used it to purchased some silver bullion. The quantity will depend, it could be 10 ounces, or 20 ounces of silver every 3 months. I try to purchase between $100 to take benefits of the free shipping. However, I have been able to accumulate few ounces which I keep on my safe.  

In the coming 2018, I am planning on investing on physical gold as well. When I say invest, I don’t mean to spend a lot money, or buy one ounce of gold each month, I am realistic and I know that will be impossible at the moment. However Gold and Silver are sold as fractional quantities. Sometimes fractional gold and silver can be a little bit more costly, however, you will be investing for a long run and to protect yourself and family of the uncertainties of our economy. Whether you spend $81 on a one 20th of an ounce of gold or $13 for a one half ounce of silver, you are working towards your goal of protecting yourself and your family. 

If you have the money, I recommend you invest on minted coins boxes, which contain 500 ounces of silver and can cost between $8,500 to $9,500. Try to minimized cost, so by paying using your checking account, you can save some money. Also, some venders such a Scottsdale silver and Apmex offer free shipping on orders of $99 and up. Purchasing a monster box, it is a great investment as well, it will be more easier for you to sell back to the dealer if you which to sale your physical investment. Take advantage of your TAX REFUND. You don’t necessarily have to spend all of your refund money, but you can definitely purchase some Gold or Silver to keep on your safe.

As well, offer boxes of 100 ounces of minted coins for as little of $1,900, which can be another solution if you can not purchased a 500 ounces monster box. Just keep in mind, that at the end Silver plus Silver equals Silver, and market value is what you will be getting paid for, no matter how much you paid for. Choose the proper investment that best suits you and your family. If you choose to be a bullion collector, and have chosen to paid $300 for a beautiful minted bullion, keep in mind, that the value attached to that bullion ounce, is market value. No one will care about what kind of bullion it is, they will see a bullion ounce of  gold or silver, nothing less nothing more. 

Another way to invest and save some money, is by purchasing Silver and Gold Grains. Again Gold and Silver is Gold and Silver no matter how it comes. They come packed on certified packages of 1 ounce, 5, 10 , 20 and up. They would be a great investment at a low cost, and you will be able to offer it, to jewelry designers at a competitive market price. Just keep in mind, that you may have to hold your silver for many years, before you can make a profit from it. You will not pay sale taxes when you purchased Gold or Silver, but you will have to pay sale taxes, on Gold and Silver you end up selling.

Investing on precious metal, can be a fun hobby as well. You will be able to speak and get to know other investors just like you. You will be able to trade some of your gold and silver for other gold and silver items. You can also have your own website, to promote, sale your items, and compete with the current market and its prices. Just ensure the person your are dealing with, it is a reliable legible source, and not a con-artist selling you lead for silver. It has been know that some con-artist uses venues such as amazon, eBay and Etsy to sale fake minted gold and silver coins. Ensure that with the person you engage with, is recommended by someone who knows about gold and silver, or it is a well known legible business such as Scottsdale silver, Provident metals, or 

Other types of investments you can move into is Copper! The price of copper it is currently .99 per ounce, and you can purchased a 500 minted copper coins of one ounce each. Again, investment is for a long run not for a short term. Copper is a material used in many industries for electrical purposes. Copper is also a heat conductor, so it is used also in the motor vehicle industry and the creation of radiators, air conditioners and heating systems.  Copper prices can immediately go high as much as $3 and you already have a profit. If you choose to invest on copper, buy a few monster boxes, and keep them away of your site where it doesn’t bother you until it is time to cash in. 

Also keep in mind, that all your investments on precious metal doesn’t have to be Gold and Silver bullion, although Minted Coins and Bullion Bars are preferable, you could also purchase jewelry. You can purchase Gold and Silver jewelry from places like or, where you can find from 18karat Gold to 24karat Gold jewelry, that can be added to your precious metal portfolio. Jewelry makes also the exports and imports of gold and silver much easier, as you can wear them such as a ring, earrings, necklaces or chains.

I hope this article helps you understand the differences between investing on gold and silver and fiat currency. Please understand that this article is for information purposes only and that whether you choose or not to invest on silver it is your sole decision. 

Keep in mind that history always repeat itself, and fiat currency has a life spans. It will come the time when fiat currency becomes out of control as currently it is, and the government will be forced to become with a solution. Only gold and silver can bring order to a economy on which countries have to used gold and silver to back up their promissory notes.  

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