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Truvada - Why This Pill Can Change Your Life.

By: Jacinto Rivera

Date: April 16. 2017

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This information is not to be used on any ways to speak off negatively about Truvada also know as PrEP. This information is to make awareness of the risk involved while using Truvada. 

After so many years suffering from the pandemic left by the HIV virus and a number of deaths surpassing millions globally, letting pharmaceutical businesses battling for the reach on finding a cure for the virus which causes AIDS. The GILEAD Sciences Inc. was able to develop Truvada, Also known as PrEP. Pre-exposure prophylaxis PrEP can be taken by HIV-negative individuals with high risk of HIV infection, from males with males partners who are HIV positive, or Heterosexuals male or females on which either one is infected with the HIV virus. Truvada (PrEP), is known to reduced the risk of infections between 92% and 99%. While taking Truvada, it is recommended that safe sex practices are used, as the medications do not protect an individual from others sexual transmitted diseases, so a use of condoms still is recommended.

This miracle pill has sustained some backlash from some people within the gay community and out. Some people believe that while using PrEP, individuals will begin to have unprotected sex without the fear of getting infected by the HIV virus. In some cases, studies have shown that an increase of sexually transmitted diseases has spiked since the day Truvada - PrEP became available. However, there are other studies that shown, that Truvada has not yet been accepted fully by the gay community as they expected. That's why doctors continue to educate their patients about Truvada and how they can protect themselves while helping to end the pandemic of the HIV virus and AIDS disease.

However, like any other medications, Truvada doesn’t come free of side effects. While using Truvada, patients are informed of the risk of bone density loss, and kidney failure. Also be aware, that Truvada has to be taken daily in order to obtain total protection. 

All individuals using Truvada should be aware of the risks while using it. In my case, I found myself in a middle of a situation. My doctor prescribed me Truvada, and as a gay man with a high risk, I chose to be on it. I started my treatment of Truvada in January 2017. In order to pay for the medication cost, after insurance which copayments were between $499 to $600 per month, I had to apply for a copayment assistant program. I did use, Copay Relief Foundation, which helps pay for Truvada depending on your salary. After I was accepted by the Copay Relief Foundation, I spend 3 months using Truvada. However, the Copay Relief Foundation has their requirements that need to be provided such as proof of income, insurance coverage, and doctors forms in order to continue paying for your medications.

Little that I know, my doctor for some reason, didn't submit the forms sent to his office by the Copay Relief Foundation, and after the third month and only two doses of Truvada left, I felt into a panic attack mode. I wasn't sure what was going to happen to me if I couldn't obtain my new prescription for Truvada. Remember, after all, Truvada is a pill that needs to be taken every day in order to obtain protection. Missing doses reduces your chances of being protected and leave you with the chances of becoming infected with the HIV virus. 

As soon as I find out that was my situation, started contacting the Copay Relief Foundation to find out, how this could be resolved and if my account could be opened once again after I let my doctor the importance of him filling out such forms and providing them to them. I was informed, that soon as the doctors provided the missing forms my account will be re-opened once again. 

After so many attempts, I contacted my doctor via email and let him know of my situation and how scared I was. He informed me that he didn't receive anything or had seen any forms. So I requested for the forms to be faxed to his office immediately. Unfortunately, it was over the weekend and my hands were tight, as I couldn't do anything more other than wait as I couldn't put a gun on the doctors head and force him to fill those forms ASAP and uploaded to my account at the Copay Relief Foundation. 

Over the weekend I was left with uncertainties as of what could happen to me if I missed few doses of Truvada. So I started to find out, where in the city I could go so that I could be provided with some Truvada supply till my issue was resolved.

The point of my story is to alert people of the risk using Truvada which are not limited to the side effects of the medication but by man-made errors or office work overload. I cannot blame my doctor for not having this forms completed around January and sent to the Copay Relief Foundation on time. However, by letting you all know my story, I hope I can ensure to open your eyes so that you can ensure all the necessary forms needed are completed and process as they should in order to lower your risk. Contact your doctor's office to ensure the forms, are completed and submitted. Login to your Copay Relief Foundation so that you can be updated on your account status. Sadly, I did not sign into my Copay Relief account on time, to see my account status before April. If I would have logged into my account the previous month, There was the probability that my issue could have been corrected promptly and I didn’t have to miss any doses of my medication. So when it comes to your health, don't even trust your doctor or wait for him to get done what's needed to be completed in order to help you.

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